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Coupons are a great way of saving extra money on your orders. You can use coupons issued exclusively by when you purchase products from our website. Using coupons will reduce the cost of your order.

Coupons are provided by us on behalf of a Vendor and sold exclusively via our website when a promotion becomes available. If you have subscribed to our Newsletter, you will be kept up to date with promotions and sales. Otherwise, you can visit our Gift Vouchers page.

There are numerous reasons why you can not use a coupon. The specific reason will be shown on the shopping cart page.


Below are some of the most common scenarios:

- The coupon has expired;

- The coupon has already been used;

- The coupon has a usage limit;

- The coupon code has been entered incorrectly;

- The coupon can not be redeemed on any of the products in your shopping cart.


Coupons can be used on specific categories, products or even just as part of a special promotional event.

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